If you’re like me, you love(d) Market Samurai. Actually Market Samurai is a great tool, it’s just been so degraded in its performance (rank tracking is worthless with it, and it’s SLOW as molasses now) – so I’ve decided to move on.
For the longest time, I’ve thought that Traffic Travis Pro was the only other game in town – and honestly Traffic Travis rocks…but…
SERPAttacks Pro digs a bit deeper in terms of checking your rankings (it can check your rankings up to the 1000th spot in Google or Bing, Traffic Travis only goes up to 100), and it delivers tons more backlink data as described below.
Thanks to Matt’s comment here, I decided to check out SERPAttacks and bought the Pro version (be forewarned that they have a short 7-day return policy). Glad I did.
First of all, I bought it at $47, it’s now $57 and I suspect will increase in price until it’s $97 like most of its competitors. I’m now a committed and proud owner, and not looking back at this point, nor regretting buying the tool as the video below shows.
Secondly, I own (and recommend you also consider checking out) competing tools: Traffic Travis Pro 4 and SEO PowerSuite (professional).
All three tools are great for SEO, and no you don’t need all 3…just pick one to run with.
After buying SERPAttacks Pro, I have to say it’s the best value for the money (oddly affordable).
For most affiliate marketers who don’t plan on offering SEO services to clients, I’d recommend SERPAttacks or Traffic Travis Pro – but I’m leaning towards SERPAttacks right now for reasons I show in the video below.
If you do client work, the best tool of the bunch (hands down) is SEO PowerSuite Professional. But for most of my readers, SERPAttacks Pro is the new Market Samurai on steroids.
Spoiler Alert!
I’ve been so surprised at the performance of SERPAttacks, at the low price, that I have to recommend it as my top choice for affiliate marketers looking for a good deal.
I could ramble on in this post like I usually do, but this video gets to the point.
And yes, this is really my voice. No, I don’t have a web cam, and I don’t fancy combing my beard, changing out of my fluffy robe and slippers and waxing my wild ‘stache just to do a video… :P 
Besides…if I had a camera, then I’d have to clean up my office…like that’ll ever happen!
Good and Bad About SERPAttacks
  • 7 Day Return Policy
  • You Need Private Proxies (I do NOT recommend HideMyAss proxies here, I wound up buying 10 shared, private proxies at $7.49/month from ProxyBonanza.com – the “Lite” package).
  • Doesn’t Show Linking Page URL, Only Linking Domain in Backlink Checker
  • The Graph for the Ranking History Report isn’t Working (But the CSV file is Fine)
  • Digs up to 1000 Spots in the Search Engines for Rank Tracking
  • Can Fetch up to 3000 Backlinks per URL
  • Gives Most Backlink Analysis Metrics You’d Want
  • Includes a Page Content Helper
  • Includes a PPC Module
  • Can Dig for Affiliate Opportunities
  • Price is Right: $57 Currently!
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It’s my first YouTube video – and I hope you liked it. I need to learn how to use my screen capture tool better, but hey: not too shabby if I don’t say so myself (and yes, you can hear my kids in the background being kids).
Here’s the video URL – remember to like it on YouTube, it helps a ton:

Is SERPAttacks the Best SEO Software?

I wouldn’t say that without qualification. If you’re looking for a comparable (and I’d say better) tool than Market Samurai, even if you just want to replace the rank tracking module and need to dig up to the 1,000th spot in the SERPs, then it’s awesome.
If you want to avoid paying monthly fees for SEO data: it rocks.
If you’re an affiliate marketer and not running an SEO firm powered by client relationships: get this tool (otherwise I’d strongly recommend SEO PowerSuite).
And finally, if you want some in-depth backlink analysis – so long as you don’t require the exact URL of the inner page that a link resides on (i.e. you’re OK with just the top level domain that is linking to your competitors), then how does 3,000 backlinks to analyze sound?
For me, it surprised me: the tool is much stronger and better-designed than many in its class. Five stars from me for SERPAttacks Pro, it exceeded my expectations.
I do want to add that I didn’t use the “keyword analyzer” module, but it downloads the information from Google’s keyword tool and gives you some options to set the filter for what you think is a decent keyword to tackle.
This again is similar to Market Samurai’s keyword suggestion module, in that you could set the “filters” for the tool. Mainly I use the SERP Analyzer (or SEO Competition module of Market Samurai – which still works by the way) for my keywords, I skip the first stage of filtering in many cases.
But my point in the video is mainly to stress why I think it’s a better tool than Market Samurai – even if you do need to buy proxies (they don’t need to be dedicated proxies, just for the record).
Anyone who buys proxies already won’t notice the additional cost anyway (and I personally have a number of tools that can use proxies, so it all washes out).
I’d recommend you check out SERPAttacks for free here and decide for yourself.
That’s it for now, thanks for watching!
Gotta run. Late for Valentine’s Day dinner with my wife. :)
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